1- Execution Environment


1- Execution Environment usine-660-1922


Current and future supercomputers offer heterogeneous architectures, a growing number of computing cores, an increasingly complex memory hierarchy, denser packaging, material resources increasingly dedicated to different functions, high-speed networks that are more integrated with nodes and a plurality of measurement points.

The software is also evolving; applying different programming models, with greater attention to data management, a need for more operational flexibility to meet different requirements with increased performance, reliability, security and energy optimization.

These trends require an overhaul of the software package to take into account the computer topology, maximize memory capacity, improve communication between system and middleware components, and to benefit from equipment performance. Also, the software package must better control intrusions, the flow of data and energy consumption, while making life easier for administrators, operators and users.

Work Package 1 execution environment addresses all these top priority issues so that new generations of high performance, state of the art supercomputers can be exploited.

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