2- Libraries & Research Simulation Codes


2- Libraries & Research Simulation Codes bibli-660-192


One of the main objectives of this project is to design a pre-, co-, post-treatment chain for LES high-order CFD calculations over the next few years. Several challenges still need to be tackled. Concerning modern computing platforms, algorithms will be further developed to exploit fully all the computing power available, leveraging costs (CPU, memory) and enhancing parallel efficiency for both shared and distributed memories.  

At the solver level, solutions to extract and visualize quantities of interest on the fly during code execution will be evaluated. Also, in order to obtain a high fidelity representation of all the physics of a phenomenon, efficient scalable parallel techniques to couple different simulation codes will be sought.

Work Package 2 will focus on topics such as meshes generation and partitioning, data extraction, code coupling, visualization techniques, and HPC optimizations. These developments will be validated on the demanding industrial configurations provided by Work Package 4.


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